Friday, November 16, 2012

Practically our backyard....

After spending our Friday morning raking leaves, we decided to head to the community college's hiking trails. Philip would be away for the weekend with the youth so we only had a little while to explore the trails. It had been over a year since we have been there. It wasn't long before the kids found their way to this creek.

It's times like this when I enjoy sitting on the side lines and just watching the kids. I enjoy watching them enjoy nature and explore their environment.
I enjoy watching how they somehow end up doing the same thing without ever talking it out.  This day they were trying to clear the leaves and sticks so the water could run freely.  Except for Nathan, he was throwing leaves and sticks into the water. 
I enjoy how being in the wide open often decreases the amount of disagreements and arguments.  I enjoy watching them work together and help each other without being prompted to.
I enjoy taking pictures that will hopefully help capture memories so that when they are older they will remember the fun things we did together.  I hope they will remember that we worked together as a family and we played together.

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