Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my baby

It is happening right under my feet but it's still hard to believe. I would think after having 3 others, I would know that there's this window of time when your babies transform into little people. They shed their babyness and strive with all their might to be big. That season has come and invaded my home. There's a baby in the house who's looking up to his older siblings and striving to figure out what will make him a "cool dude". The bath tub toys have slowly disappeared. They have been disposed of because of yuckiness and I've known that plastic containers, toothbrushes and bubbles are enough to satisfy my little one. But last night, he threw me for a loop. It's bath time for my baby and he declares, "Everybody else takes a shower; I want to take one too." We tried out a booster seat for my sweet boy for a few days last week and he just looked too old and too big for that. He's still sleeping in his toddler bed being over run by stuffed animals but he just seems too little to move into anything different. He chooses chapter books at the library for me to read to him. He answers questions correctly during class. He sings our Latin "Second Declension" song under his breath as he moving about the house. He helps me mop,vacuum, dust and clean the windows. He buys his own gum at Walmart and practically gives most of it away to friends and family without hesitation. He knows that he has to be a whole hand older before he's allowed to watch Star Wars. Thankfully, he hasn't figured out that he's too big to snuggle in bed with me in the morning. Thankfully, his favorite place to hear a story is in my lap. He's growing up but I suppose he'll always be my sweet baby boy to me.

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